Zitat des Monats (15)

1. Oktober 2012 von Laborjournal

Terran Lane schreibt über zunehmende Kurzsichtigkeit und Zwänge in der freien Grundlagenforschung (in „On Leaving Academe„; Chronicle of Higher Education, 19. August 2012):

The problem is that creativity is all about exploratory risk. The goal is to find new things — to go beyond state-of-the-art and to discover or create things that the world has never seen. It’s a contradiction to simultaneously forge into the unknown and to insist on a sure bet. […]

In the current climate, however, all of those entities, as well as scientists themselves, are leaning away from exploratory research and insisting on sure bets. Most of the money goes to ideas and techniques (and researchers) that have proven profitable in the past, while it’s harder and harder to get ideas outside of the mainstream to be accepted by peer review, supported by the university, or financed by grant agencies. The result is increasingly narrow vision in a variety of scientific fields and an intolerance of creative exploration.

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  1. cb sagt:

    Was zu der Frage führt wer diese Zwänge herbeiführt oder genauer, in wessen Interesse sie sind.

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