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18. Mai 2012 von Laborjournal

Chris Said, Center for Neural Science an der New York University, warnt in seinem Blog The File Drawer vor zunehmender Voreingenommenheit bei Erstellung, Interpretation und Publikation von Forschungsergebnissen:

Scientific journals favor surprising, interesting, and statistically significant experimental results. When journal editors give preferences to these types of results, it is obvious that more false positives will be published by simple selection effects, and it is obvious that unscrupulous scientists will manipulate their data to show these types of results. These manipulations include selection from multiple analyses, selection from multiple experiments (the “file drawer” problem), and the formulation of ‘a priori’ hypotheses after the results are known. While the vast majority of scientists are honest individuals, these biases still emerge in subtle and often subconscious ways.

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