Journal Covers, etwas anders (7)

15. November 2013 von Laborjournal

Cell ist zuletzt ja sowieso schon mit etwas ungewöhnlichen Titelblättern aufgefallen (siehe hier und hier). Letzte Woche kam dieses dazu:

Zu dem Comic-Cover schreibt Cell:

The cover tells the story, reported in Xu et al. (pp. 909–921), of an induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC, shown here in a red t-shirt) that cannot make muscle. When a “bully” researcher tries to steal the postdoctoral fellow working with the iPSC, it’s back to the lab, where the fellow uses a zebrafish model to discover chemicals that can turn the iPSC into muscle. Facing down the bully, the postdoctoral fellow rides high on his success. This concept was adapted from Charles Atlas comic advertisements related to bodybuilding. Cover artwork by Athens Qin.