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11. Februar 2015 von Laborjournal

Mäuse und ihre Transkriptionsschalter, frei nach dem Februarheft von Genome Research:

In this issue, the complexity of the evolutionary relationship between transcription factor (TF) binding and transcriptional output in mammals is explored in a study of three TFs (represented by switches) from four closely related mice. Here, they are depicted as trying to work out the complex interconnections (wires) between the switches and turning on the light bulb (i.e., the transcriptional output via gene expression). (Cover illustration by Spencer Phillips is based on a concept by Mary Bergman; both are at the European Bioinformatics Institute [EMBL-EBI]. © EMBL. [For details, see Wong et al., pp. 167–178.])

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16. Dezember 2014 von Laborjournal

Es ist ja schön, dass die Titelblatt-Gestalter biomedizinischer Fachzeitschriften in letzter Zeit immer wieder mal was Anderes, „Frischeres“ versuchen. Ob es allerdings hilfreich ist, sie so zu verpacken, als könnten Zeitschriftenhändler sie ebenso gut in der Comic-Abteilung einordnen? Die jüngsten Titelbilder der Cell Press-Organe Immunity und Cancer Cell würden dort jedenfalls kaum auffallen:


Titelbild Immunity 51(5) (Erklärung hier)


Titelbild Cancer Cell 26(6) (Erklärung hier)


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1. August 2014 von Laborjournal

Nature Neuroscience machte sein aktuelles Heft (Vol 17, No. 8) mit einem betont „rattigen“ Hirn auf:



… Und schrieb dazu:

During sleep, slow-wave activity (SWA) helps consolidate new memories and skills. Gulati and colleagues find that successful control of brain-machine interfaces (BMI) leads to coherent activation of task-relevant units during SWA, and that the more time spent in slow-wave sleep, the better the subsequent control of the BMI task. The cover depicts a sleeping rat as activity related to the control of the BMI is processed offline.

Cover image by Chelsea C. Wong (pp 1019 and 1107)



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27. Mai 2014 von Laborjournal

Molecular Biology and Evolution titelte sein Mai-Heft (Vol 31, No. 5) folgendermaßen:


… Und schrieb dazu:

RhesusBase is a resource for comparative analyses of the gene structure and associated regulations in humans and monkeys (Volume 31, pp. 1309-1324). Artwork provided by the RhesusBase Team and Shaomei Hu.

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5. Dezember 2013 von Laborjournal

Das Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) bebilderte sein „Medical Education“-Ausgabe vom 4. Dezember (Vol 310, No. 21) folgendermaßen:


… Und schrieb dazu: 

Dogs Playing Doctor

For JAMA readers who enjoy fine art on the cover, we herewith present an homage to the early 20th-century artist Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. Although his works had titles such as A Friend in Need and A Bold Bluff, collectively his oeuvre is most commonly referred to as Dogs Playing Poker. While the subjects of his paintings also included such diverse topics as ballroom dances and the courtroom, the editors are not aware of any pieces that focused on medical education and provide this cover to fill that gap.

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15. November 2013 von Laborjournal

Cell ist zuletzt ja sowieso schon mit etwas ungewöhnlichen Titelblättern aufgefallen (siehe hier und hier). Letzte Woche kam dieses dazu:

Zu dem Comic-Cover schreibt Cell:

The cover tells the story, reported in Xu et al. (pp. 909–921), of an induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC, shown here in a red t-shirt) that cannot make muscle. When a “bully” researcher tries to steal the postdoctoral fellow working with the iPSC, it’s back to the lab, where the fellow uses a zebrafish model to discover chemicals that can turn the iPSC into muscle. Facing down the bully, the postdoctoral fellow rides high on his success. This concept was adapted from Charles Atlas comic advertisements related to bodybuilding. Cover artwork by Athens Qin.

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31. Mai 2013 von Laborjournal

Titelblatt von Nature vol. 497 (7447) vom 2. Mai 2013

Dazu heißt es:

Genetically modified crops, we were promised, would deliver a second green revolution: a wealth of enhanced crops that would provide food to the starving, profits to farmers and a greener environment to boot. In many ways that revolution has arrived, but there have been setbacks and disappointments too. In this special issueNature charts the development of GMO technology in the past three decades and looks for the green shoots that might form the basis of the next generation of GMOs. Cover: Kelly Krause/Nature (photo: Nagy-Bagoly Arpad/Shutterstock)

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29. April 2013 von Laborjournal

Titelblatt von Cell, vol. 153(1); 28. März 2013:

Dazu heißt es:

The kind of food an organism consumes has a broad reaching impact on its development, behavior, and lifespan. In this issue, two papers, MacNeil et al. (pp. 240–252) and Watson et al. (pp. 253–266), explore the effects of diet on these life-history traits in the nematode C. elegans. Combining nutrigenomics and network analyses, they find that different diets affect traits via distinct mechanisms. The response to diet is coupled to metabolic changes, and disruptions of some of these specific metabolic pathways correspond to inborn errors of metabolism in humans. The cover features a “native-art-inspired abstraction” of a worm eating a bacterial diet and illustrates the interconnectedness between diet, nuclear gene regulatory networks, mitochondrial networks, and their effects on life-history traits such as development and brood size.

Cover art by Lesley T. MacNeil.

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28. März 2013 von Laborjournal

Das aktuelle Titelblatt des Biophysical Journals:

Dazu heißt es:

Myosin-V walks like “Mr. Natural” as it tilts and wobbles to complete its step. The drawing was inspired by the cover for the record album, “Truckin‘ My Blues Away”, drawn by the cartoonist Robert Crumb, and shown here View the paper by Beausang et al. on page 1263.

(Wer noch weitere „etwas andere“ Cover von Life Science-Journals findet, darf uns gerne darauf aufmerksam machen…)

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25. Februar 2013 von Laborjournal

Auch Cell lässt sich nicht lumpen, hin und wieder ein „etwas anderes“ Titelbild zu gestalten:

Auf der Innenseite heißt es dazu:

Cachexia or muscle wasting affects many cancer patients, particularly those with late-stage disease. In this issue, Zhou et al. (pp. 531–543) demonstrate Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »