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12. September 2014 von Laborjournal

Glomski’s problem was that he could only get funding to do very predictable, unexciting research. When money gets tight, often only the most risk-averse ideas get funded, he and others say. […] Funding is so competitive that reviewers shy away from ideas that might not pan out.

[…] Historically, payoffs in science come from out of the blue — oddball ideas or unexpected byways. Glomski says that’s what research was like for him as he was getting his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley. His lab leader there got funding to probe the frontiers. But Glomski sees that farsighted approach disappearing today.

Aus dem lesenwerten NPR-Artikel „When Scientists Give Up“ über zwei Wissenschafts-Aussteiger (der obige Glomski ist einer davon).

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